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Night Out Parties

Imagine the perfect Saturday night in the city: You have a babysitter lined You’ve got a babysitter all set up, a table at your favourite restaurant reserved, and passes to the newest Broadway hit. You can expect a night full of laughter and excitement, with best wishes for a problem-free event. Please allow us to relieve you of the burden of travelling there. Hiring a limo service is a sure fire way to add a touch of class to any night out, whether you’re meeting up with old pals or celebrating a milestone.

Night Out Parties
Night Out Parties

A night out on the town may be made even more memorable with the services of Tran-Star Executive, who will chauffeur you and your friends to your location in luxury and comfort. So, why bother with the hassle of driving, paying tolls, or checking train times? The fun doesn’t have to stop until you get there when you have your pick of several attractive and fashionable automobiles.

After you have decided on the ideal car for your big night, you can relax knowing that you have hired a reliable and well-established limo service. You can trust that every aspect of your reservation will be handled with care and precision at Tran-Star Executive, and that you will receive the best possible customer service.


Best Night Out Option

Do like partying at night? Tran-Star is known to provide a wide-range of automobiles that can make your night better, and more comfortable. Some of the vehicles that we offer and can be best for your big night are, classic stretch limo, luxury stretch SUVs, and limo bus.

The classic stretch limos are best for smaller groups and the ones who wish to enjoy their holiday in their own town, but reach their destination with class. Luxury stretch SUVs are best if you are riding with larger groups. Our Hummer has modern features and gives a party environment.

The limousine bus is like a club on wheels. Either relax, or become a party animal, it is meant for all. You can ride any vehicle that suits you, we ensure to offer our best service with all.

For those who are heading out to paint the town red, Tran-Star offers access to a variety of vehicles that will help to make the night extra special and particularly memorable. Some of the vehicles you can consider for your big night out include:
Classic stretch limousine: Tran-Star offers a number of classic stretch limos that are perfect for smaller groups of up to 10 who are looking to enjoy their journey into town and arrive at their destination in style.
Luxury Stretch SUVs: If you are heading into town with a larger group, Tran-Star can provide you with a late model stretch Hummer with hi-tech features and a party atmosphere. This is a great choice for groups of up to 20 people.
Limo Bus: The roomy Tran-Star Limo Bus provides you with a party venue on wheels, where you can either choose to relax in comfort or start your night off with a bang by enjoying our hi-tech entertainment system.
All of these vehicles offer mood lighting, A/V entertainment, and luxurious comfort to make your big night out extra special for your whole group. Whichever of the vehicles you choose, one thing you can be certain of is the unmatched service you will receive from Tran-Star.